100 days of Adelphi

Ruby Evenstar RE

I have to admit, upon signing my contract to begin work at Adelphi Digital, I was extremely nervous. Melbourne’s managing director and true salesman, Neil, had sold the company to me as an exciting, innovative and inspirational place to work in my final interview, but there are some things you just can’t really KNOW about a job until you get that first hand experience. Things like culture fit, how (or if) company values are demonstrated in daily practices and if a company encourages growth and development can only really be found out after you start.

It’s been 3 months now, and I’ve reflected on the things which have stood out to me the most in this time, in order to give you an insight into what it is like to work for Adelphi Digital.

My work environment is extremely important to me, and a good cultural fit was at the top of my requirements during my search for a new job. Adelphi Digital came to the table in this respect. Our office, set in the heart of Melbourne’s trendy CBD, is casual, fun and rapidly expanding - in my first 2 months, at least one new team member started every week. While searching for our next office, space is at a premium, and we’ve improvised with spontaneous meetings taking place in our computer box castle and free patches of floor space. Eclectic music plays, and the close proximity means collaboration and casual conversation is basically mandatory.

The team is close knit, supportive and come from diverse range of backgrounds. As a self-confessed language and culture geek, I couldn’t ask for more. The range of perspectives and skillsets complement each other wonderfully to create innovative solutions for our clients as well as an inspirational atmosphere.

Another job requirement for me has always been, well, not getting bored. I love challenges and being thrown in the deep end, and it is my (maybe slightly millennial) opinion that the moment you stop learning in a job is the moment you should start looking for something new. Thankfully, I’ve had nothing to worry about. Since week one I’ve been tasked with varied, challenging work and have been learning new things.

The great thing about digital is that it is a vast, constantly expanding field. The great thing about Adelphi is that it’s not afraid to meet new developments in the field head on and find a way to incorporate them into its portfolio. Suffice to say, I haven’t been bored, and the nature of digital combined with Adelphi’s attitude towards change fits well with my forward thinking nature.

There have been a few other standout moments which highlight to me the type of place Adelphi is to work. On my second day Neil took me out to coffee for a mini company induction in which we talked over my career goals. One of these was exposure to business strategy, and by my third day I was shadowing him in a future strategy workshop he was conducting with one of our clients. During my first months, as challenges came up my workmates identified my need for support and it appeared. The developers, instead of living up to the stereotype of being hard to work with, are extremely helpful, encouraging and always up for an interesting discussion.

It’s things like these which make me very thankful to be developing my career in an environment where both my future and immediate needs are identified and considered, and I can report that, 100 days in, I have no regrets in signing that contract.

Every day is fun in the Melbourne office

Every day is fun in the Melbourne office

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