Creating a complete agency website in four days


If anybody ever tells you trying to build a website in four days is a good idea, there's a good chance that they are either a) trying to tell a funny joke, or b) woefully uninformed in how websites are built.

Of course, when we were told that we had to build a website in four days, we thought that a) it was a fantastic idea, and b) ... Actually, we didn't really think about b).

So now it's 11.50pm [edit: 1.04am] on Saturday night [Sunday morning], and we're listening to 'Send Me on My Way' (and other irritatingly good natured songs) at full blast, drinking beer and dancing in a non-committal fashion. And we're almost done; we have, from scratch, a new IA, a new design, a responsive and animated front end build, and 68 pages of squeaky clean new content.

To give you an idea of the volume of work we undertook, we allow 3+ days to build a single template and test it. Our new site has 8. An IA will typically take a week and an entire project team. A design with two iterations will take two weeks at a push. To say that we are tired is something of an understatement.

When people talk about this office being a family, this is what they mean:

Nobody has pulled rank; nobody has shouted; we have brought each other food, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and a lot of moral support. There have been a lot of innuendos (Skype escalates fairly quickly, we find), and no complaints. In fact, nobody was asked to come into the office on a Saturday, or to stay for what must be now almost 14 hours. We just wanted to be part of something that should have been pretty much impossible, and is going to be totally awesome.

It is a genuine privilege to work with such wonderful, motivated, and incredibly talented people. When we do launch the four-day-site, its success will be a testament to what a group of people can achieve if they work together for something that they want to do, rather than something they are told to do.

Do you need a website built in four days?