Cutting the red tape: my experience as the new guy at Adelphi Digital

Cass Joyce CJ
What do you look for in a job?

For me, it’s that buzz word – balance. The balance between life and work, professionalism and fun, and support and responsibility.

Over the past two months, since starting with Adelphi Digital, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to that.

Cut the red tape

On my first day here, I was inundated with new systems to learn, forms to complete and names to remember. I was also inundated with direct messages from my colleagues saying hello and offering support. One of these messages read – everyone looks really busy, and they are, but if you have any questions, just ask because they will drop everything to help you out. Everyone here is really friendly.

And they are. They did drop everything, and they did help me out. I believe in asking stupid questions over making stupid mistakes, and I have not once been made to feel like my question is stupid – and trust me I’ve pushed that boundary.

So, what is Adelphi Digital like?

Look, they are not kidding when they say joining the organisation is like joining a family. Albeit, slightly dysfunctional, but what family isn’t.

Since joining the team here, I have learnt so much. I have learnt that teamwork is the key to a job well done, that egos get in the way of a good project, and that I can stand up for what I believe is the best for the business because I am an expert in my field. Oh, and I’ve also learnt how to play ping pong.

I have also met so many people from so many backgrounds. Within four weeks of being here I found myself out on a Friday night with my new colleagues, and every Friday since then. I have learnt French and Portuguese, I have learnt how to fly a drone and I have even tried some incredible new foods.

And, of course, I’ve also done some amazing work. I’m filling a new role here at Adelphi Digital, as the Event and Content Producer. It’s incredibly exciting and far more diverse than other, similar, roles I’ve held in other organisations. Just two months in and I’ve had the chance to tag along to a pitch and see my colleagues excel in their expertise. I have grown the social media following without having to navigate through a ton of red tape, I have written some awesome articles, planned some exciting new events, worked on HR content, and I have been able to support my colleagues pitch for some really exciting clients.

Adelphi Style

So, what is Adelphi Digital not like? We are not the type of place that will watch your every move, but we will celebrate every win and evaluate every loss. We are not into hierarchy. Sure, you have a manager, but you sit next to them, you work in collaboration with them and you’ll probably have a drink with them on Friday night. And we’re not into ‘giving permission’. Instead, we discuss ideas – and we decide collaboratively to either action them or take another route.

We work hard, and we play hard. We know when to have a laugh, and we know when it’s time to put our heads down and deliver some exceptional work. And we know that we are the experts, and we celebrate that whilst working with our clients to deliver the best digital transformation we can.

Adelphi Style

Want to join me at Adelphi Digital? We’re currently growing, and we need some experts to fill our new office in Melbourne, and around the world. Check out our list of current roles with one of our experts today!

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