International Women’s Day 2017 at Adelphi Digital Melbourne

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Stories from the Melbourne office

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked some of the amazing women working at Adelphi Digital in Australia about themselves and how they see their role as important to leading a change in a usually male-dominated industry.

Ruby Evenstar, Project Consultant

Ruby is originally from small town New Zealand. She graduated from Wairarapa College in 2008 and from Victoria University of Wellington in 2015, where she studied Spanish and Linguistics. Throughout her university career she worked for New Zealand government, travelled South East Asia and studied abroad in Russia and Spain. At the end of her undergraduate degree she opted out of continuing her studies in modern languages. She chose instead to focus on gaining practical experience in the digital space, deeming it to be a fast growing, important industry in which to gain professional experience. She began her career as a project manager for ecommerce and integration specialists in Auckland where she managed the delivery of e-retail solutions for clients primarily within the fashion industry.

Now working as a project consultant at Adelphi Digital, she continues to be intrigued by the multi-faceted, forward looking digital sphere and enjoys helping businesses create, implement and achieve their digital business objectives. In the future, Ruby plans to combine her practical digital skills with her love of languages and cultures. Be it developing products which help bridge cultural divides or continuing her career in another language and culture, she is optimistic that she will find a way to merge her passions in a useful and interesting way.

“Digital is fast becoming integral to all traditional industries and globalisation is the new norm – so there’s bound to be a niche in there somewhere. In the meantime, I’m more than happy to continue on the digital ride in this exciting and innovative consultancy.” - Ruby

Julie Wynn, UX Developer

Julie was born in Cambodia where opportunities afforded to her would have been limited. Moving to Melbourne provided opportunities to participate in events such as hackathons and to learn more about any digital speciality (whether that be design, scripting, or innovation). The IT community in Melbourne is open to anyone wanting to learn, there are numerous meetups and free events.

During high school, she knew barely anything about the IT industry and hated the idea of coding, and thought to herself “why would any anyone want to do that?” She was introduced to coding by a developer, and realised it was more than just lines of code. Julie completed the Bachelor of Multiple Systems Application, and as expected, the course was very male dominated. On the first day the class were told to look at the person to our left and to our right, “1 in 3 of you will not finish this course”.

Julie enjoys the passion and drive of the industry. It’s always growing in terms of knowledge and innovation. That knowledge is then shared with others, there is so much that is offered freely. This means the IT industry is always interesting, there’s always something new but this also means the industry moves at an incredibly fast pace. If she could change one thing, it would be the chance to have more time to explore new ideas.

The expectation to build something incredible in a short period of time seems to be the norm, but more and more companies are offering free time to play in innovation labs to cultivate new ideas.

“When I saw what you could do with code, I was hooked. I love seeing an idea or a drawing come to life. A designer will hand-over their design and say do your magic, and for most it must seem like that.” - Julie

Women working at the Adelphi Digital office in Melbourne Women working at the Adelphi Digital office in Melbourne - Julie, Celine, Sarah, Ruby and Gail.

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