Technology leaders are changing the future, but not in the way you would think

Gail Schwartz GS

Working in a digital consultancy it’s important to be abreast of the latest technology and trends. As a young female in IT I find inspiration in women who have already carved out an impressive career in the field. Two women I admire immensely include master inventor Lisa DeLuca and social-media pioneer Randi Zuckerberg. Something that bonds these two incredible women is that they have started influencing the technological landscape far beyond 2020.

Lisa DeLuca is a software engineer who had over 150 patents under her belt by the age of 32. Randi Zuckerberg is responsible for Facebook Live, founder of Zuckerberg media, a Broadway actress, TV and radio star. Lisa works to create new and innovative technology, while Randi’s work influences how society adapts to the changing digital environment. Apart from being brilliant, another similarity that ties these two women together is that they are both mothers to young children. Lisa’s twin boys are just leaving toddler-hood, while Randi has two boys under the age of 6.

As young mothers both women authored a children’s book. Lisa wrote ‘A Robot Story’, a story about two robot brothers, JSON and WiFi. The book teaches children the basics of computer language and binary as you count to ten with the robots. Randi published her first children’s picture book ‘Dot.’ in which she writes about a tech-savvy girl, and the adventure she goes on when she steps away from the screen and starts to interact with the world around her. Through these books Lisa and Randi influence the future our children will create. Lisa by transforming coding into a skill learnt from a young age, while Randi educates around appropriate social behaviour for an increasingly technology-saturated world.

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