What's the future 2018

Julie Wynn CJ

Before we predict the trends of future, we must go back to the past… to December 2017 that is, when Adelphi Digital worked with 3Radical to bring you What’s the Future 2018. Check out what you can expect in digital behaviors and technology for 2018.

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Trend one: Conversational UI

How did you book a restaurant before the age of screens? Landline? But then how did you even find the phone number, let alone read the peer reviews? Most of us are so used to the process of jumping on our graphic interface, be it our tablet or laptop, and using a search engine or app to discover what we are after. In 2018, Adelphi Digital’s user experience expert, Luke Balson, predicts that user interfaces are going to become even more seamless with the growth of conversational user interfaces. Read more

The concept of using conversation as an interface is becoming more mainstream. It’s fast, and it’s efficient. This technology is an opportunity for businesses to stand out.
Luke Balson, Adelphi Digital



Trend two: The death of digital projects

What would you say if we told you that Digital Projects are on the way out? I know what you’re thinking, but you’re a Digital Consultancy firm. We know! And in 2018, we predict a growth in the Digital Services approach to website delivery, an approach that Adelphi Digital’s Managed Services expert, Beau Zlatkovic, considers the perfect fit for many clients in this constantly evolving digital world. Read more

There are a number of benefits to taking a digital service approach, And best of all, this approach typically results in better delivery against the old chestnuts – time, budget and quality.
Beau Zlatkovic, Adelphi Digital



Trend three: Headless CMS

If you’re a content manager, it’s likely that over the last few years you’ve become pretty handy with the copy and paste tool when delivering your campaigns. Sure, it’s a drag – but it’s the only way to share your content across your brand’s various digital channels…right? Wrong! Thanks to the growth of headless CMS, a trend that Adelphi Digital’s technical developer Brian Liu predicts will take off in 2018. Read more

With Headless CMS, content can now be served up to any device. It enables easier management of content since all the content is managed under the same CMS.
Brian Liu, Adelphi Digital



Trend four: Back to bespoke

You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ right? Well that’s not always the case in this ever-evolving digital world – especially when we’re talking about design. Which is why Adelphi Digital’s experts in digital designer, Mark Payne and Marcela Ramos, predict a shift from the quick answer to responsive design and a return to bespoke visuals in 2018. Read more

With the underlying technology of the mobile web maturing, the limitations faced before are no longer a valid reason to design as we have done in the past. The following trend is about a return back to bespoke, a direct response to where we’ve been. It’s a move away from ordinary and exploring new, more engaging, captivating and curated visuals for modern audiences.
Mark Payne and Marcela Ramos, Adelphi Digital



Trend five: User research gets automated

How do you make an objective assessment of your website? Are you limiting yourself to page views, clicks and duration?  In 2018, Adelphi Digital product consultant, Aaron Nichol, predicts a shift in the way we research user experience, with an acceleration in automated machine research. Read more

At Adelphi Digital, we’ve been discovering the ways that machine learning will support our Product Managers and UX Consultants to make better, more informed decisions. It’s still early days but the prospects are exciting.
Aaron Nichol, Adelphi Digital



Trend six: Gamification – driving the exchange with the consumer

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? What about unchecked notifications on your various social media accounts? For marketing professionals, it’s a tough job cutting through the noise to engage new and existing customers. Which is why 3radical predicts a growth in Gamified solutions in 2018. Read more

Gamification is the trend of employing game mechanics or ‘game theory’ to non-game environments to engage users in solving problems and completing interactive experiences.  The adoption of ‘game theory’ at its core strives to leverage our natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism and closure.
Neil Shewan, Adelphi Digital



Trend seven: Next gen devices

Do you remember the days of hitting menu # to unlock your 3310? Those days are well behind us, and, according to Adelphi Digital’s user experience expert, Julie Wynn, they are being left further and further in the past with the predicted growth of next generation devices in 2018. Read more

Our mobiles devices are packed full of sensors and every year they bring out something new to enrich our lives. The challenge is thrown to developers to find new and interesting ways to take advantage of these sensors.
Julie Wynn, Adelphi Digital



Trend eight: emotionally aware digital experience.

What if you could tell if your client is happy or sad when using your website – would it change the experience you deliver? CEO of Adelphi Digital Australia, Neil Shewan, predicts this in 2018 we will see an answer to this question, with the rise of emotionally aware digital experiences. Read more

The technology in your phone and smartwatch is capable of sensing facial expressions, tone of voice and heartrate today – the question is how can we use it to create better experiences that will be useful to people and create a deeper emotional connection.
Neil Shewan, Adelphi Digital



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