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Science Centre Singapore is a leading attraction in Singapore. They promote a love of science and technology to students and the public through their imaginative and interactive exhibitions.

Key Challenges

Their previous website suffered from an outdated design, complex navigation and lack of mobile responsiveness. Users who visited the site were not converting to paying visitors in high enough numbers. Our task was to address these issues with a fresh website that placed their actual audience at the centre of the design and prototyping process.

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Project Goal / Objective

Our brief was to re-imagine the Science Centre Singapore website to be consistent with the experience customers expect from the Science Centre – both online and offline. By creating a more positive online user experience, the objective was to increase conversion from website-visitor to attraction-visitor, specifically among the young adult audience.

We were also tasked with integrating four microsites within the main website. The challenge here was to maintain a unified user experience – integrating content and following the overarching brand – while acknowledging each sections’ personality and audience.

Science Centre Singapore


We engaged nearly every team at Science Centre Singapore to understand their needs, pain points and ambitions for this new digital experience. This allowed us to move through a collaborative and iterative research, wireframing, design and prototyping process – before committing to the Sitefinity build.

An integral part of the process was our “guerrilla” usability testing, testing our prototype on the floor of the Science Centre with users on-the-go. This gave us invaluable insights into what worked for those busy parents, distracted teachers or disorientated tourists, in a realistic and more useful setting.

Science Centre Singapore

Our final solution included:

  • A visually impactful and highly interactive homepage, immediately re-imagining Science Centre Singapore’s digital presence
  • An interactive “Plan Your Visit” tool which allows users to select their interests and availability before receiving a suggested itinerary with space to add or change choices. As well as helping with visitor conversion, this tool also allows the organisation to promote a greater diversity of exhibits and learning opportunities
  • An interactive Gallery Map to support a more positive visiting experience once at the attraction. This had the additional benefit of the Science Centre not needing to provide printed maps
  • Creating a dynamic “Find by Date” filter page, so users can quickly see everything that’s available on their chosen date
  • Making sure “Buy Tickets” is prominent across the site (desktop and mobile), increasing the likelihood that potential visitors become confirmed visitors and reducing the workload on front-of-house staff
  • Ensuring the website is fully mobile-responsive across every template and interaction
  • Streamlining the navigation to make it faster for visitors to achieve their goals, leading to a more positive experience

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