Adelphi Digital: The Rebrand

Kate Manning AD

Rebranding a company is ridiculously fun. On the surface of it, a rebrand means that you get a cool new website, some signage, shiny happy business cards and, in our case, cupcakes (which were inexplicably the things that caused the most arguments and heartache. Who would have thought it of an innocent baked good).

Dig a little deeper, and you find that a rebrand is an opportunity to look at who you are as a bunch of people who work together (our findings: we’re very geeky, and gluttons for late nights and alliterations).

It’s a common misconception that rebranding involves an inspired word or phrase that everyone miraculously falls in love with, instantly and completely. Over the years, we’ve developed a project process which focuses on iterations and an agile methodology. This is how we ran our rebranding exercise – iteration after iteration, daily scrums and meetings on all streams. We started with the premise that, like the individuals who make our company, our brand needed to be a concept that would grow with us.

Adelphi is a Greek word meaning brother, or literally ‘of the same womb.’ Adelphi Digital, for us, encapsulates the independence of thought, honesty, and sense of family that we hold in common with each other.

We have always worked in multidisciplinary teams, relied on, trusted and learned from the expertise of our colleagues (read: mates), and passed on the benefits of our working environment to our clients. Above all else, this exercise demonstrated our genuine passion for what we do. Similarly to our now legendary 4 Day Website Build, everybody involved did this work because they wanted to – it was voluntary rather than compulsory. The success of our new brand won’t be down to a single person’s epiphany; it’s the cumulative effort of a group of truly exceptional people.

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