International Women’s Day 2017 at Adelphi Digital

Klarisse Rodriguez KR

International Women's Day 2017


Singapore thought it would be appropriate to throw a bit of a party on 8 March to celebrate the diversity of our team at Adelphi Digital. Half of our senior management team in Singapore is female, which owes partly to our company culture of inclusion and supporting each other, and partly to the fact that we’re too absorbed by our own geekiness to care much about anything other than getting the job done in a way we can be proud of.


To celebrate International Women’s Day in Australia, we asked some of the amazing women working at Adelphi Digital in Australia about themselves and how they see their role as important to leading a change in a usually male-dominated industry.

Women working at Adelphi Digital, Canberra Women working at Adelphi Digital, Canberra - Helen, Melita, Madeleine, Klarisse, Brigitta and Ashlee.

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