Andrew's Beaming Smile Tells Its Story

Klarisse Rodriguez AD

You have to believe me when I say that it wasn't easy to conduct a "proper interview" without him throwing punch lines and bursting into laughter. Not to mention, he was laying on the table half of the time. Well, that is Andrew. The kind of fun and approachable vibe that he has from the beginning is one of the reasons why being part of Adelphi Digital family is simply (not at all being biased here), Awesome. After all, he is one of Adelphi Digital's pioneers.

Andrew started to get to know Adelphi Digital in Brisbane during a campus event in 2010 where he was a lecturer and at the same time, continuing his PhD. There, he met Sarah Vick, then CEO of Adelphi Digital Australia. The next thing he knew, he was our Technical Lead in Brisbane.

"I believe joining Adelphi Digital is unique. It is a place where we don't focus on formal qualifications. Rather, on recognize talents. I think it is really important to see a person's potential rather than be blinded by just academic credentials."

Sharing their aspirations and visions for Adelphi Digital, Andrew and our Group CEO, Margaret officially opened Singapore office in 2011 to explore and target Southeast Asia market as with Andrew being the Technical Director.

"We grew so fast. We estimated back then that it will take us at least 3-5 years to hit the market. I must say, because of hard work and dedication, the Singapore business became profitable just within a year."

In 2013, another breakthrough year for both his career and Adelphi Digital, he became the Managing Director.

"I started to take care of a division and even further, we became two divisions within 2 years. Additionally, we've introduced Division 3- the Consultancy Division, created specifically for strategic consulting and to create an additional edge to the company. "

He added, "We have also introduced new services which includes firming our position as leaders in User Experience in Singapore and pushing for behavioural psychology within digital development and data development"

Recalling his humble beginnings and how it feels like to be part of our family...

"This is what Adelphi Digital is about. We are never about having to be here a long time before you grow. We always provide opportunity to those who show potential. In fact, all of our directors have all grown within the company. Our current success is a testament that we are doing the right approach. "

So when did he exactly know that we made it?

"There's this one client where we've noticed that their business goals are not aligned to their needs. We took a big commercial risk and dared to advise them the proper way. Not many agencies would provoke a client like that on the concern that they might lose them. We did a lot of research and approached them in a consultative manner. It is so successful that other business units have adopted- That makes me proud. "

He shared that one of the biggest values that moulded him to become who he is today is his closeness within the Adelphi Digital family and how we believe that our talents should be appreciated and be recognized. And that what keeps him inspired and looks forward to go to work every day.

"We believe in having fun and take integrity and pride in what we do."

Not sounding like a press release, we continued on his outlook for Adelphi Digital's future...

"We are targeting Asia Pacific and have recently opened our Thailand office. We are confident and aware that there is a market to grow. We are very careful not to overdo it as we want to focus on what is good for Adelphi Digital and of course, our clients. We are growing. "

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