Animation: a front-end revolution

Niño Ross Rodriguez NR

The move to digital over the last decade has allowed us, in short, to do things quickly. Our commute to work is used to catch up with friends, read the global headlines, even book flights and tickets for our next weekend trip.

The demand for information and knowledge is difficult to keep up with, and is producing trends in front end development which go from being novel, to commonplace, to outdated within a space of a few months. It's my job to sort the wheat from the chaff and pick up on the tools and trends which will influence the way we will develop for some time to come.

Animation is one of these trends. The interactivity animating a site provides is crucial to enhancing user engagement. As with information, we are able to access and implement it quicker than ever before.

TweenMax from GreenSock is one of the tools we are using and recommending to clients. It is a JavaScript library which animates your site — an animator's heaven! The syntax is incredibly simple, and I personally find it better than jQuery or CSS animations. Using CSS, it would have taken hundreds of lines of code to achieve the same results that I now see with as little as one or two.

This is great news for our clients, as it allows us to give them better websites in less time — which in turn means that their sites are ahead of the trend and provide their users with a current, exciting experience.

With the advancement of tools such as TweenMax, it is looking increasingly likely that static sites will soon be considered a thing of the past.

Would you like your site to be more dynamic?