Anyone Can Build A Website

Daniela Lopez DL
Anyone can build a website

With services like wix or squarespace, where you can literally drag and drop boxes where you want them to appear on a webpage, anyone can build a website.

With HTML and computer programming being accessible through a school's curriculum, anyone can build a website.

With the digital era, where all the information you need is a simple google search away, and programming is becoming more and more mainstream, anyone can build a website.

With toys such as Osmo, which teaches children to program from an early age, even your toddler can build a website.


But that doesn't mean it will be a good one.

Anyone can pick up a crayon and draw a flower. It takes years of practice and understanding colours, contrast and painting techniques to create art.

Anyone can go to a nightclub and dance the night away. It takes years of training, practice and understanding how to position your body to become a world class ballerina.

To become an expert, and become good at something, it takes years of practice and thinking about scenarios a regular person wouldn't. Anyone can draw a flower, but the artist will look at how the light is hitting the flower, they can identify the bright areas, the shaded areas and know how to apply the right colour combinations to create a lifelike painting.

Photo credit: ™ Pacheco via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

The same applies to web development. At Adelphi Digital, we do not just "build a website". We create digital experiences to help businesses and governments make living, working, interacting, and trading easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for everyone.

When I first joined Adelphi Digital, I thought web development was easy. I was big user of one of the irritating word combinations in the world "Can't you just."

"Can't you just add a button that lets people do "x"? Everyone has that on their website so it can't be that hard."

"Can't you just add a login screen?"

"Can't you just detect where people are coming from and show them the events in their local area?"

Turns out, no, you "can't just". Because every element of the website, no matter how simple it may seem, comes with a series of implications and decisions.

That button you want. What is the call to action? What do you expect it to do? Why do you want the button, do your users really need it? Is there a better way for them to get to the information they need?

That login screen. Have you thought of the security risks? Have you thought of where you are going to store the data? What are you going to do with the data? How will users retrieve their passwords?

Showing events based on the local area. Have you thought about adding terms and conditions for cookies? What if the user doesn't want to give you their location? Which tools and technologies need to be implemented to add personalisation based on geolocation to your site?

So where do you start?

Adelphi Digital Canberra Team

Our team of experts know exactly what questions to ask, and how to translate your answers into the ideal digital experience for your users. We think of the little details so you don't have to.

Through user research, analytics analysis and workshops we can understand what your users' needs are and their ideal journeys on your website.

Through our knowledge of web design and user experience, we can ensure your users have an optimal experience and can easily find what they need, when they need to.

Through our technology agnostic team, we will recommend the right technology for your users and your business needs.

So don't just let anyone build your website. Let Adelphi Digital create your exceptional digital experience.

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