Goodbye Cubicles, Hello Foosball!


Victoria's view on working for Adelphi Digital.

Since entering the workforce, I have worked with some decent sized global companies (mainly in ICT) and all with over 100,000 employees. After taking a six month career break earlier this year, I took some time out to reflect on my various experiences, the different roles I’ve held, the stuff I‘m good (and not so good at) and what I’ve liked about my previous employers, as well as what I haven’t.

I wasn’t keen on a ridiculously long chain of exec types managing me, without ever having met me and I wasn’t interested in big egos or climbing any corporate ladder. I just wanted a workplace where I could feel that I was part a team and appreciated straight away. Maybe that was a lot to ask? I didn’t think so. So far what’s stood out between my previous big corporate employers and Adelphi Digital, is a handful of little things done well.

For example, on day one with Adelphi Digital I had a desk, a PC and a phone. The PC and phone actually worked which was nice, I was provided the essentials like stationery and a welcome pizza lunch was arranged. When I fired up my inbox for the first time I had welcome emails from the company directors and an employee handbook that managed to engage me beyond the first two sentences. I recall a time where I’ve had to wait weeks, even months for access to crucial systems that I needed in my everyday duties. I’ve even had to face a wall in the corner of a dark office for weeks, because there was no desk for me! Definitely not the best way to go about leaving a lasting impression!

After the housekeeping stuff, there was no easing into anything or even a chance to fly under the radar, instead I had the opportunity to exhibit my capabilities straight off the bat. Immediately I felt productive and like I was contributing, and was even told so by my directors, which was a nice feeling. My long engrained belief that as a new employee, you only really become productive after a few months has been successfully quashed.

I had not been subject to a week of reading “who we are” and “what we do” on the company intranet – which was good because I would never have been able to hide my sheer boredom. Anyway I’ve always thought that this is a ploy to keep new employees occupied for a few days while the managers figured out what to actually do with them!

During my first few days at Adelphi Digital, I was told who I could reach out to for help. When I did make contact, everyone answered me almost instantly and was ready to help me with my millions of questions. Big tick there, because not only do I love asking questions, I also like them answered promptly.

Speaking of the ticks, there is music playing all the time and I can change the channel if I like (luckily we all seem to have complementary tastes in music). We have a foosball table, an intranet page dedicated to staff selfies, regular Nerf gun wars and my favourite – no cubicles! My feet and bank account are eternally grateful, because heels and corporate attire aren’t expected. Our kitchen, although very tiny, houses two types of coffee machines – not only does their mere presence make me happy, but the culture here is such that someone almost always offers to make you one. Winner!

At Adelphi Digital I have daily contact with the directors and I even sat next to the MD for my first two months. This level of access is a refreshing change. In the corporate world, I found that my line managers were often difficult to get a hold of. And the managers above them? A combination of “terribly important” engagements, and the occasional overprotective EA made access and support almost impossible. The flat structure here has been on one of the most pleasant surprises… I’m still getting used to it!

When I was on my six month break, I was well and truly into the groove of brunching, mid-arvo beers and having absolutely no plans for the next day. It was great, but sadly not a sustainable lifestyle. Finding the motivation to start with any new employer was going to be a test.

I’ve enjoyed three months at Adelphi Digital, where I’ve been productive, felt a part of the team and have been embraced by a relaxed culture. These few little things that Adelphi Digital have done well have left a promising first impression of the team, the culture and the company. And, best of all, I don’t feel like I need to take another career break!

Fancy a game of foosball?