How we make ideas happen

Rex Ai RA

These are often requirements we hear from our clients. In the fast-moving digital world all businesses need to constantly assess their digital strategy to ensure their business objectives are achieved and the needs of their customers are met.

But where do we start…?

At Adelphi Digital we believe that in the digital world it’s never a case of ‘If we build it, they will come’. With the evolution of social media and smartphones, there are a plethora of platforms to deliver user engagement and even more technologies to support them. The key is to begin with a digital strategy. All digital engagements need to align the goals of the organisation with the needs of its customers. Therefore, it is critical to initiate every digital project with the fundamental understanding of organisation and its customers’ objectives.

Only after we’ve understood ourselves and our customers, we can determine the method of engagement. It could be via a social media campaign, a website, a mobile application, or a combination of the three.

We are spoilt for choices but how do we choose them?

It’s never the same answer every time but there is always a correct solution for your organisation. Building the technology is the easiest part, but choosing what to build is tough!

Our project process is especially designed for this decision-making process. At the heart of every digital project there are four critical elements:

  1. Design

  2. Information architecture & Content

  3. Interactivity & functionality

  4. Technology

Our project process creates key decision points around the four key elements and of course not all the decisions need to be made at the beginning of the project. Each decision stream starts with very high-level decisions. For example at the beginning of design we only ask you to comment on the use of colour, brand and general look and feel. You are not locked into a specific set of functionalities or committed to creating a large amount of content.

Each phase of the project is designed to be iterative. During each iteration we will offer our professional advice and make changes based on your feedback. Every iteration takes us one step closer to the optimal outcome.

How do I know what I’m getting?

Most digital projects are overwhelmed by documentation and specifications. It’s often difficult to visualise how it all translates to a digital engagement. We take all the guess work out of these mammoth documents by creating a functional prototype.

Our functional prototype is an amalgamation of all the decisions made previously on design, information architecture, functionality and technology. The prototype looks and functions are exactly like the final product without the backend technology. In fact quite often our clients confuse our prototype with the completed product.

The aim of the prototype is to help our clients visualise what it is that we are going to build. Changes can be made quickly and also cost-effective. Again we go through an iterative process with the prototype until the desired outcome is reached.

The rest is easy

Once the prototype is confirmed, we should be satisfied that all aspects of the digital engagement are carefully considered and refined. From there just kick back and relax, we will build the technology that drives your digital engagement and make sure that you are trained to use it. Of course there won’t be any surprise.

Can we help you with your requirements?