International Women’s Day 2017 at Adelphi Digital Brisbane

Klarisse Rodriguez KR

Stories from the Brisbane office

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked some of amazing women working at Adelphi Digital in Australia about themselves and how they see their role as important to leading a change in a usually male-dominated industry.

Arisa Furumoto, UX Developer

Arisa is from Japan. When she was about 10 years-old, her parents accidently signed up for an ISP with a web hosting package and suggested she use it to build a website, just for fun. As she researched how to build a website online, she realised that she could teach herself. This made her feel independent and so started to think that this could be something she could do for a living.

Arisa moved to Australia to study when she was 18. She had a whole year to decide what she was going to do at university as she had to complete a foundation year in Brisbane first. During that year, she made a lot of friends who studied technology and they made her interested in technology even more than before. She decided to do the Bachelor of Information Technology, so Arisa really did end up doing what she had decided she wanted to do at the age of ten.

Arisa likes the fact that she can work on new and exciting technologies and is keen to change the stereotype that “women can’t code as well as men”. She doesn’t even know where this stereotype came from, but this is ‘absolutely’ not true because anyone can code as long as they are willing to learn and work hard.

Brioni Bourne, Designer

Brioni is from Brisbane and completed a Diploma of Information Technology / Multimedia Integration (Graphic Design), and previously a Bachelor of Animation.

She had been working as a 2D animator, but a lot of animation studios closed down and the work was always unstable. After taking a redundancy, she took a break from the industry, working in hospitality and hand-sewing for a local fashion company while she thought about her next move. She decided to go back and study. She still wanted to do something creative, but something that wouldn’t be as unstable as animation. At the time, she was interested in fashion design, graphic design/web design or 3D animation. She decided that graphic design/web design would be the best move, as she could use the skills she already had to build on, and it wouldn’t be as much of a learning curve as 3D animation. She realised that a lot of the design she was doing outside of work for friends was graphic design anyway. With the way everything was moving towards web, she decided to head down the path of web design rather than print design.

Brioni liked that the digital world is constantly changing, and that she’ll be working on something different all the time. When she was in animation, the work would be on the same film for 1 – 3 years. She also liked that there is always something new to learn about the latest developments, trends and technology.

Brioni noticed that in print design there tends to be more females, but in web you are always either the only one or one of the few. She would like to see more of a balance. She would also love to see more designers! Usually there is a ratio of 1 or 2 designers to heaps of programmers, but it could be to do with the nature of the work. She would also like to less restrictions on design, or at least the technology to get better so the designers are less limited in what they can do by the technology (or at least more consistency between browsers/not having to support old browers so websites they design will look beautiful in across all browsers!)

Arisa and Brioni very happy tasting the seafood by famed Sunshine Coast chef, Peter Kuruvita at the launch of the website they developed for Visit Sunshine Coast “Food Trails” Arisa and Brioni very happy tasting the seafood by famed Sunshine Coast chef, Peter Kuruvita at the launch of the website they developed for Visit Sunshine Coast “Food Trails”. The event was at Mooloolaba’s Rockliff Seafoods, whose local spanner crabs are featured on Peter’s new show ‘Coastal Kitchen’. The new interactive website ( enables visitors to create their own personalised food trail taking in the region’s best producers, markets, restaurants, cooking schools, events, wineries and brewers.

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