International Women’s Day 2017 at Adelphi Digital Canberra

Klarisse Rodriguez KR

Stories from the Canberra office

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked some of the amazing women working at Adelphi Digital in Australia about themselves and how they see their role as important to leading a change in a usually male-dominated industry.

Madeleine Nazor, Designer

Madeleine is a designer at Adelphi Digital Canberra. She was born and raised in Queanbeyan NSW, a city just outside Canberra, and still lives there today. She completed a double degree in both Media Arts and Web Design at the University of Canberra and graduated in 2016. Maddy loves being in an industry that is continually growing with new technologies and programs that allow her to grow and create different content over time. This aspect was lacking in film and television production when she originally started her schooling and career. This is her first week at Adelphi so she has nothing to change at this stage, but we’ll ask her again in a year’s time.

Brigitta Norton, Digital Consultant and Marketing Manager, Australia

Brigitta is from Adelaide, now living in Canberra but has travelled to various parts of the world with her husband and their young family, she regularly worked and volunteered on internet projects for non-profit organisations, local parenting groups as well as coordinating cultural and sporting events.  During that time, she studied for her Bachelor of IT (Software Engineering) along with bringing up 3 children, in between each posting she travelled back to Canberra, working and studying at the same time. The third posting was where everything fell into place, working on the DC.Gov website as a web portal consultant, her technical side provided a communication conduit between the technical and the business areas; the highlight was when DC.Gov won 2014 BoW city portal.

Brigitta picked up the digital bug very early on, when she was working as a temp in a Federal Government Department and being asked to find out “more about this internet thing”. The internet has been a part of her life ever since. She is a strong advocate for improving the user’s experience and ensuring accessibility compliance of digital experiences to meet the needs of all users. She is an enthusiastic member of the OZeWAI committee, a contributor to many web working groups such as the W3C’s Silver Task Force, Web Standards Group, Emergency 2.0 Wiki reference group, and member of the International Webmaster’s Association.

“I like that we can influence the changes needed for someone to be able to access information online; knowing what we develop may make a difference to even one person’s life is very rewarding.” – Bri

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