International Women’s Day 2017 at Adelphi Digital Sydney

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Stories from the Sydney office

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked some of the amazing women working at Adelphi Digital in Australia about themselves and how they see their role as important to leading a change in a usually male-dominated industry.

Shaghayegh (Shara) Jamei, Developer

Shaghayegh (Shara) was born and raised in Teheran (Iran) where she studied software science. In 2008 she made the choice to move to Australia, where she finally arrived in 2011. What originally piqued her interest in tech is a little unorthodox - teenage love. At just 12 years old, she fell in love with a boy who was studying a computer programming course at his high school. Through him she found her passion in programming, and so began her career in digital. Shara was always top of the class in maths, and this led to a natural progression of studying software engineering.

Shara received a Bachelor of Software engineering from the Azad University of Tehran. She remembers finding whilst studying that it wasn’t totally fulfilling and too theory heavy. She’s certainly made up for it in her practical experience since then! Shara wrote her thesis on a database windows application, building a sales management system for her father’s factory.

Shara started her career in Iran after Uni with her first job in a book publishing company, building an application for their stock and shop management. In Iran, incredibly, the software engineering is predominantly female at a percentage split of 60% women, 40% men. Since then she occupied many different positions in multiple companies across Iran and Australia. Shara is happy to be part of Adelphi and proud of the many female role models within the business, including our founder and CEO, Margaret Manning.

Shara enjoys spending time trying to solve complex problems and it’s a passion of hers to see people using and interacting with solutions she created – ‘The best thing is to see a program evolving with the changes and events in the market’.

What Shara loves most about technology is that the industry has many different fields and variety. She is sure she will always will find something she would like to do even if her needs change, and there is always room to learn something new.

“I would change computer science to be more accessible and available in any country of the world. I would also like to encourage women to have more confidence and to really go for it because this industry is so powerful and rewarding.” - Shara

Estel De Serres, Project Consultant

Estel arrived in Australia from Paris in 2016 to start a new career in digital. In France, she worked for consulting firms in the banking sector and quickly realised the importance of a well-executed digital strategy and the changes it can bring to a successful overall business strategy.
Estel made the switch to digital when she realised that this was where she could make a difference in working alongside different organisations, helping their teams to innovate, and by working together to improve efficiency and efficacy.

Estel holds a master ’s degree in management and entrepreneurship from business school in France. At just 22, she built her first business plan and presented it to financial professionals. Her previous consulting work was always focused on implementing new systems within existing organisations and managing the change that goes with it. Doing this, Estel found the most common result was too often the systems were not matching the user’s needs, and by extension the team’s organisation, causing frustration. After experiencing this, Estel decided to progress into a more user-focused sector, consolidating users’ needs with the right solution for them.

Estel has never been daunted by the high presence of men in the tech industry. Coming from a European finance background, she found technology to be more welcoming to women, and she says she has always found exceptional women in places dominated by men. Asked what she likes most about the industry, Estel says “there is no limit to the solutions you can create for your clients and the learning is never ending”.

“I would like to see more female role models represented as creators of innovation and representatives of the sector to match the influence of their male counterparts Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. I’m sure that this would inspire more and more women to try the sector and to not be afraid to beat the boys at their own game!” - Estel

Women working at the Adelphi Digital office in Sydney Women working at the Adelphi Digital office in Sydney - Shara, Estel, Hollie and Celeste

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