Things we learn at the pub

Andy Smith AS

Beer is very important to us at Adelphi Digital. It's the last solace of the digitally engaged. What could be more offline than a quiet pint of microbrew to unwind after a long day of digital related activity, after all? We relax and talk about the finer things in life, how great it is to finally get a chance to have a face to face conversation, how much we miss printed newspapers and not knowing what time the next bus is...

And after about 10 minutes, we get really bored, check the latest news and make the conscious decision to miss the last bus, the time of which we now thankfully know. We find a really cool article like this one, and try to figure out how we could get budget (hint hint), to implement something similar.

Let's face it, digital is just better. It's exciting. It allows us to watch a space probe land on Mars whilst enjoying an ice cold Tiger outside under the hazy moon in Singapore. It allows us to have a totally sober conversation with our colleagues in Sydney while they enjoy their pint of Pure Blonde. And it allows us to combine the old world (remember the days of brewing beer in your airing cupboard?) with the new (where you can hook a distiller up to a cloud hosting system, and monitor progress on a live site).

It's a myth that technological advancement cuts us off from social engagement or makes us less intelligent. We have instant access to 'old' knowledge, but we are massively creative and physically engaged with how we implement it digitally. If you don't believe us, think about it. Beer + computer would seem to = disaster. In fact, beer + computer = the best project we've ever come across.

On a more serious note, digital is impacting the relationship consumers have with the goods they buy. How many times have you genuinely considered buying a $500 distillery system before? And have you now considered where in your home or office you might be able to fit one? Thought so.

One of the impacts on consumerism is a need to talk about one's purchase — to broadcast it on social media, and to do something awesome with it. For suppliers, that means that their products need to be more interesting and unique than ever before and, moreover, that they also need a platform to sell them off — which is where we come in. We are able to look at a problem and use our unbelievably geeky love of new technology to find the right solutions to problems.

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