17 Digital Trends for Two Thousand Seventeen

Julie Wynn JW

As our last event for 2016 we wanted to focus on 17 trends, big and small, we are seeing in digital behaviours and technology that will shape digital experiences in 2017.

  1. Telling a bigger story
  2. Security: Did your fridge take down Census?
  3. The simple complexity of WeChat
  4. Girls in tech
  5. Next social
  6. Bespoke Managed Services
  7. Atomic Design
  8. HTML 5.1 is picture perfect
  9. Bringing offline retail experiences online
  10. Notofonts go global
  11. Drones become useful
  12. AI everything
  13. Contextual SEO
  14. Bumpy pixels
  15. Micro-interactions
  16. Augmented reality goes mainstream
  17. Blockchain redefines the economy
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