Search & SEO – Is your internal search performance turning users away?

Derek Campbel DC
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SEO is critical to any website. It’s how many users get to your website. It’s therefore important to get it right. A key aspect of SEO is web site availability and how this impacts your SEO on Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your website is not highly available, then it will adversely impact how your site is rated against competitors. Most websites now have some form of high availability using cloud hosting, local or even potentially a globally distributed hosting setup which will depend on your client base and where they are located.

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Internal Search is often overlooked
when designing a high availability web site.

It is important to understand how your internal search engine works on your website and how it affects your customer’s user experience on your website. You can have a highly available website which meets the highest SEO requirements on speed, security, accessibility and usability, however if the website’s internal search functionality is offline because it could not scale, then ultimately the user may not be able to find the content or product they are looking for. This leads to a loss of reputation and value on your website. When your business relies on leads and purchases online search is critical. Issues with high availability search is a pain point we often help solve. This often involves helping you build out a highly available search platform for your website using a range of technologies to ensure the best possible experience.

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