Annual Reports going digital

Daniela Lopez DL
Annual report

With end of financial year fast approaching, communication teams are busy planning their annual reports. However, we find only a small percentage are considering putting effort into the online version, as this is not yet seen as necessary/valuable. The consensus seems to be that annual reports are boring, so who is going to read the online version? What is the point on developing one, when you can just upload a PDF and for people who are interested to simply download it?

This is of course, the wrong way to think about it. Instead, consider this:

  • A digital annual report can reach a larger audience and helps position your organisation as being transparent and willing to share information. This is especially useful for government departments who struggle to appear as transparent and honest.

  • A digital annual report allows you to add interactive and engaging elements to the report; videos, animated infographics, interactive data visualisation, all enable you to communicate things that aren’t possible in print.

  • It is much faster using website navigation to get to a specific section than it is to look up the section in a table of contents in a book and turn pages to get to that same section.

  • An engaging homepage that highlights important parts of the report in a summarised format enables your stakeholders to get a quick overview of what the organisation has achieved across the year, and can be used as a hook to getting them interested in reading the rest of the annual report

  • When built in the right way, a digital annual report can be easily read by visually impaired users; understood by users with low literacy levels; and in generally be far more inclusive of all Australians. This will show your organisations commitment to create and inclusive and diverse environments.

At Adelphi Digital, we have produced award winning, engaging and accessible annual reports, and we would love to assist you in creating a unique digital experience for your stakeholders.

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