Trend four: Back to bespoke

Mark Payne MP
You know what they say, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,’ right? Well that’s not always the case in this ever-evolving digital world – especially when we’re talking about design. Which is why Adelphi Digital’s experts in digital design, Mark Payne and Marcela Ramos, predict a shift from the quick answer to responsive design and a return to bespoke visuals in 2018.
Back to bespoke

Back in 2011/12, the global web design profession was set with the challenge of creating a meaningful answer to the question of “what does responsive design look like?”.

The technology of the day saw large gaps in what was possible, mostly fuelled by dated browser technologies and limits to the initial generation of handheld devices. This drove design down a path to quickly find best practices within that space, and landed on a minimalist design, utilising white spaces and clear icons. Once a few major organisations committed this aesthetic, it became the standard in website design.

The modern web reflects these outdated limitations and expectations. We’ve been so desperate to clone what’s worked before we’ve homogenised large portions of the web from the code that underlines websites, the interactions that engage audiences, even down to the stock photography that smiles back at us. Let's take a small moment to appreciate Ariane, as she best sums up where we’re at.

With the underlying technology of the mobile web maturing, we no longer face these limitations when considering the design of a website. Website design in 2018 is going back to bespoke, moving away from what we know as ordinary, and exploring new, more engaging, captivating and curated visuals for modern audiences.

This trend will evoke the interesting visual treatments to standard photos or the removal of them completely, increased usage of unique Illustrations, big and bold typography and custom geometric shapes (which at times feels like the 90’s never died).

2018 will redefine the fundamentals of website design, breaking conventions, grids and a fleet of other rules to create something highly original.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words – so here is an example of my favourite examples of this trend in action.

Back to bespoke
Back to bespoke
Back to bespoke
Back to bespoke

We’re very excited to see these trends coming into fruition, it means a more interesting, unique, curious, adventurous bespoke web for everyone to enjoy.

Mark Payne and Marcela Ramos are Adelphi Digital’s senior design dream team and experts in all digital design.  

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