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Luke Balson LB
How did you book a restaurant before the age of screens? Landline? But then how did you even find the phone number, let alone read the peer reviews? Most of us are so used to the process of jumping on our graphic interface, be it our tablet or laptop, and using a search engine or app to discover what we are after. In 2018, Adelphi Digital user experience expert, Luke Balson, predicts that user interfaces are going to become even more seamless with the growth of conversational user interfaces.
Conversational UI

When we talk about user interfaces and the way we interact with them, we instantly think of things like computer screens, our mobile phone screens and the typical graphical user interfaces. We take for granted that these kinds of interfaces are the best ways to interact. But we’re beginning to see more and more variations come up that uses language, such as chatbots and voice interfaces.

There’s a really good reason for that. It’s because to us, using language is natural. It’s fast, and it’s efficient. We would much rather be able to book a restaurant by saying, book this restaurant for me, than having to go on a website, finding the number and calling them ourselves. And this applies to most things, why should our users have to download another app or learn how to navigate a website, when they can simply have a conversation with a bot and get what they want?

Google Home

The concept of using conversation as an interface is becoming more mainstream. Recently, we see companies like Google release products like Google Home, or Apple who's about to release the HomePod next month and it’s a sign that this technology is beginning to mature and is able to give customer value. This technology is an opportunity for businesses to stand out.

We are now slowly moving towards the seamless interaction with technology by removing the barrier between user and device all together. Once the stuff of science fiction, the advancement of machine learning is making it easier to communicate with the devices around us.

So while we are not far off a digital personal assistant you can talk to like a human. We’ve only just scratched the surface of what we can do.

Luke Balson is a user experience developer with Adelphi Digital and has over eight years’ experience designing digital solutions. 

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