Trend six: Gamification in 2018

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? What about unchecked notifications on your various social media accounts? For marketing professionals, it’s a tough job cutting through the noise to engage new and existing customers. Which is why Adelphi Digital partner, 3radical, predict a growth in Gamified solutions in 2018.
Gamification in 2018

Through 2017 we have increasingly seen gamification adopted as a technique by brands to deliver fun, immersive experiences to engage their consumers and cut through the ‘marketing noise’.

So, what is Gamification? Gamification is the trend of employing game mechanics or ‘game theory’ to non-game environments to engage users in solving problems and completing interactive experiences.  The adoption of ‘game theory’ at its core strives to leverage our natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism and closure.

Gamification is popular amongst brands who have been challenged by traditional marketing channels, such as a reduction in email direct marketing (EDM) engagement, or that struggle to source engaging content. Of course, like any other marketing output, the interactions still require the right time, right place, right message mantra however the introduction of ‘value exchange’ adds another reason for consumers to interact.

For example, in their Christmas campaign DBS attempted to ‘surprise and delight’ their credit card customers by creating a ‘Wall of Gifts’ within a shopping centre in Singapore.  Customers were invited to scan a QR Code on a gift tag attached to a gift box through their lifestyle credit card app which would launch a Gift Opening game which delivered promotional vouchers that could be used at merchants within the shopping centre.

Through 2018 we will see more of these gamified solutions that seek to take consumers on a journey, with fresh, relevant content maintaining that value exchange.  Whilst brands will do well by keeping their consumers forefront of mind when designing customer journeys, the true leaders in this space will not forget their employees and the crucial role they play.

As consumers, we are increasingly expecting communication and engagement at work to be of the same quality and nature as our everyday consumer engagement experiences.

Across a range of sectors through 2018 we will see truly engaged, passionate employees becoming an increasingly critical part of company success and predict that gamification will be increasingly adopted to drive ‘enterprise engagement’ with both consumer and employees.

Iain Ogilvie is Head of Solutions Consultancy at 3radical in Australia who has over 15 years’ experience in delivering data driven marketing solutions for Experian, Pitney Bowes and SDL across the UK and Australia.

3radical has created a new way for organisations to get and keep individual’s attention.  Using our powerful software platform and built in best practices to create interactive digital experiences, leading organisations are achieving unprecedented engagement levels by delivering a fun, positive experience.

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