Trend three: Headless CMS

Brian Liu JW
If you’re a content manager, it’s likely that over the last few years you’ve become pretty handy with the copy and paste tool when delivering your campaigns. Sure, it’s a drag – but it’s the only way to share your content across your brands various digital channels…right? Wrong! Thanks to the growth of headless CMS, a trend that Adelphi Digital’s technical developer Brian Liu predicts will take off in 2018.    
Headless CMS

Over the years, technology has grown a lot. The advance of technology has enabled great discoveries. At the same time, it has dramatically changed how we live our day to day life.

It has changed the way we do things in our life; the way we shop, cook, parent, order food, and even look for dates.

Most importantly, it has changed the way we get and share information. Nowadays you can get information about anything, anywhere across different channels.

With all these different channels available, how can you be expected to keep up with the rapid pace of change? A solution to this is Headless CMS – a technology or platform that allows you to write content that is universally compatible with every single device that both currently and not yet exists.

Before diving into Headless CMS, let’s look at how Traditional CMS works and the limitation it has supporting different platforms. The key takeaway is, to serve content up for a browser for instance, the content management layer is tightly coupled with the visual templates as shown below.

Headless CMS

Consequently, if you were to extend the range of platforms supported using the traditional CMS, a system like below will be created. This is an absolute nightmare as all the content is separated for each device, and very like managed by a different CMS. The result – a different specialist to manage the different platforms.

On the other hand, the headless approach has the content at the centre which enables all the platform to managed under one familiar CMS.

Headless CMS

With Headless CMS, content can now be served up to any device. It enables easier management of content since all the content is managed under the same CMS. Using the same CMS translates to less specialists and resources required, yet it’s still capable of reaching out to a wider audience through any platforms. Consequently, this provides creative freedom for marketers and developers.

Your CMS should not dictate and constrain your user interface, digital platforms and marketing capabilities.

Brian Liu is a Technical Developer with Adelphi Digital and an expert in all things developing and new technology.

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