Trend two: The Death of Digital Projects

Beau Zlatkovic BZ
What would you say if we told you that Digital Projects are on the way out? I know what you’re thinking, but you’re a Digital Consultancy firm. We know! And in 2018, we predict a growth in the Digital Services approach to website delivery, an approach that Adelphi’s Managed Services expert, Beau Zlatkovic, considers the perfect fit for many clients in this constantly evolving digital world.
The Death of Digital Projects

The processes involved in digital projects are time consuming and somewhat outdated. After completing an elongated business case based on untested business requirements, followed by bidding for large amounts of CapEx and a long procurement process, you then choose your partners and deliver via a hub and spoke delivery model, meaning that you need to play the service integration and management role within your partner ecosystem. Still with me? Because there’s more. You then purchase perpetual software licenses, often hosted on dedicated infrastructure, and have a limited view of your total cost of ownership over a five-year horizon. The hub and spoke model looks like this:

The Death of Digital Projects

In contrast, a digital service approach will involve quick procurement processes, and a focus on OpEx as your commercial framework. Your delivery model will include agile or iterative delivery methodologies, subscription licensing, use of the cloud, a DevOps methodology, building continuous improvement into the service life cycle, and engaging a Managed Services partner.

There are a number of benefits to taking a digital service approach, including streamlined procurement, more flexibility through an iterative release cycle, less vendor management overheads with one throat to choke, lower ongoing commitment and lower overall total cost of ownership.

The Death of Digital Projects

And best of all, this approach typically results in better delivery against the old chestnuts – time, budget and quality. 

Beau Zlatkovic is Adelphi Digital’s Managed Services Managing Director, with over 20 years’ experience in project management, service management and managed services, he is an expert in all things digital projects.

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