You Are Not Your Audience

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Time and time again we see businesses making the same mistake: the team responsible for overseeing the development of a website keeps making decisions based on what they like and what they would do. Then, when the website fails to achieve its KPI's, they wonder what went wrong.

Simply put, designing and developing a website without consulting the users is a big mistake. So, time and time again, we need to keep repeating "You are designing for your users, not for yourself."

Imagine you hire an interior designer who, instead of getting to know you and your family, your likes, your dislikes, and asking for your opinion, decided to go ahead and completely re-decorate your house making wild assumptions on what you might like or wanted to do with each room.

Were you hoping to use the front room as a living room? Too bad. Your interior designer decided to make it a dining room because that's what they would do in their own home and they assumed everyone else would too.

Did you promise your daughter a Harry Potter look for her bedroom? Your designer decided that a pink room with Disney princesses would be better, because "that's what girls like."

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You wouldn't be happy with them for doing this to you. So why are you doing it to your users?

Doing user research and validating your design at each step of the process will be key to developing an exceptional digital experience for your users. At Adelphi Digital, we are big advocates of user centric design and engaging your audiences along the way.

How do we do this?

We start by finding out who your audience is. Through analysing you users' behaviour on analytics and any other information and data available, we start forming a series of hypothesis on what the right solution for your users might be.

We then get to know your audience. Through user research we find out what your users wants and needs are. It's not just about asking whether they like your website or not. We look at what their behaviour is when interacting with your site, the state of mind they're in when they visit, the information they need, the misconceptions they might have. This allows us to get a clear picture of who your audience is, and we can then proceed to develop personas and map the different journeys these personas might have on your site.

This is a good start to ensure we can create a user centric design solution that meets your business needs and is setting you up for success. But it shouldn't end there. Engaging your audience should be part of your planning and strategic process, but with the many activities available it can be overwhelming deciding what the best approach should be.

That's what we're here for. Let Adelphi Digital help you engage your audiences to create user centric strategies.

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