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Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) is Australia’s national anti-doping organisation protecting the health of athletes and the integrity of Australian sport through engagement, deterrence, detection and enforcement activities aimed at minimising the risk of doping.

Together with ASADA, we created a digital experience that educates and encourages athletes on their anti-doping responsibilities and promote a culture which is hostile to doping.

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ASADA engaged us to produce a mobile application that would reduce inadvertent doping and provide access to an intuitive supplement tool and the latest anti-doping information. This app would become a one-stop shop for athletes seeking information around anti-doping – featuring a customised user interface that empowers athletes to engage with information in an intuitive way and strengthen communication between ASADA and athletes.


The Clean Sport App needed to be up and running for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Apart from the tight deadline, the app also needed to run in native iOS and Android, should provide easy updates from GovCMS and offer innovative solution for pulling data with GovCMS SaaS and running code in the Cloud.

Using PhoneGap to develop and deploy the app together with AWS Cloudwatch and Lambda to send data and notifications we delivered an intuitive, sporty and friendly user experience and design.

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Within two months, we’ve delivered the Clean Sport App enabling ASADA to communicate with users based on their sport as well as having a consolidated list of supplements that have been tested. ASADA looks to build upon this database to provide a comprehensive tool allowing users to check the risk associated with taking the various supplements as well as providing them lower risk options for their needs.

  • Real time notifications aligned with user selected preferences
  • Real time updates of supplement information from govCMS
  • A bespoke supplement questionnaire with calculated logic to display a final risk rating
  • Intuitive user experience to search for a supplement search
ASADA App suppliment search
ASADA App screenshot on iPad ASADA App screenshot on iPhone
ASADA App mockup on iPhone X

The result is a stunningly designed and responsive mobile app, up and running in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Game. In a span of two weeks, the app has more than 850 users per month - actively using the app with a crash-free rate that is higher than 97.5%. We’ve got users from Australia, New Zealand and even as far as Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The Clean Sport App provides a user experience that encourages athletes to use the app regularly in addition to receiving customised and up-to-date news and articles. And through integrating multiple content sources, it is indeed a ‘one-stop’ shop for athletes seeking information surrounding anti-doping needs.

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