Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

The Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) is an independent prosecution service established by Parliament to prosecute alleged offences against Commonwealth law. The Office aims to provide an effective, ethical, high quality and independent criminal prosecution service for Australia in accordance with the Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth.

Defence Housing Australia

CDPP wanted to re-develop their dated Intranet with a main goal of revolutionizing the way CDPP communicates with internal stakeholders.

Through a series of internal workshops and content planning, we uncovered a clear purpose for their Intranet, decide on technology support, position the project with the Digital Service Standard and understood the users' needs and business objectives.

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Effective internal communication

We were able to move from periodical to real time communication that enables the staff to connect with their legal practice and the resources needed to complete their work regardless of their location. Moreover, we built a consolidated and unified point of communication that would allow the business to build corporate knowledge, and create a common understanding of happenings within the business.

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