Defence Housing Australia - Annual Reports

The Defence Housing Australia (DHA) provides quality housing and related services to Defence members and their families.

Defence Housing Australia

The site needed to a create a story from the content to promote readers to explore the performance of DHA; a story to showcase DHA’s highlights and encourage readership, a communication tool for their internal staff and expose the high quality of DHA housing to encourage purchase take up and renting.

Sleek infographic animation and responsive interactive map

The digital annual report now has a ‘highlights’ section and 30 animated infographics to represent their performance for the year and an interactive map to expose their touch points nationwide. We housed DHA’s entire report online with dedicated styling for block quotes, images, tables and text. We also used Highcharts to bring life to the charts throughout the report. The mobile responsiveness works seamlessly with the grid like nature of the designs.

Macbook Pro

Word-based content for easy population

We created a format that allowed DHA to provide the content in a folder structure and did not require HTML markup or markdown. This was the easiest annual report content that we have imported so far.

Defence Housing Australia macbook view

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