Defence Housing Australia

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) provides quality housing and related services to Defence members and their families.

Defence Housing Australia

DHA wanted to recreate and transform the User Experience of their defence member portal — DHA Online Services. The portal is accessed by both defence members, their spouse and family. Moving is part of the life of the defence member with postings occurring every 3 years. Therefore, an empathetic and whole family inclusive journey should be considered with the development of the prototype.

Style guide

We provided DHA with a web style guide to inform future service delivery to other sections of online services and a beta site for continuous validation and iteration.

Defence Housing Australia macbook view

Transformational user journey

Through user research and service design, the user journey was mapped through a variety of stakeholder workshops and card sorting sessions to identify the user’s needs, gaps and pain points. We crafted an information architecture that was tried and tested using a white site to validate the new process.

Defence Housing Australia macbook view
Macbook Pro

Web content accessibility

The site meets the AAA standards including a colour contrast & line height functionality.


Online Services now optimises the user experience for the defence family member in DHA online services, providing an intuitive navigation, reducing calls to help desk due to issues with site functionality and ease of use, exposing key information or relevance and linking the community hub to assist with location moves by providing information about the area.

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