Department of Communications and the Arts – Annual Report 2013-14

DoCA Annual Report 2013-14

Adelphi Digital worked with the Department of Communications to develop a digital version of their 2013/14 Annual Report. They needed innovation in how they used the brand, and were looking for a cutting edge, exciting, informative experience, interesting enough to make users explore, that also provided synergy across their existing digital and printed collateral

Animations and infographics/Engaging online experience

The Department of Communications had some nice brand guidelines to work with, and we highlighted their major achievements by bringing them to life with interactive infographics and animations. The animation and infographics were created to enhance the design and not overwhelm the user.

DoCA Annual Report 2013-14 on tablet

User interaction

The report has its own home page and breaks new ground in being available in HTML and PDF format and also as a departmental App for mobile devices.

DoCA Annual Report 2013-14 macbook view

Awards & recognitions

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