Urban Redevelopment Authority and Esplanade

A collaboration between Singapore’s land use planning and conservation authority and one of the busiest arts centres in the world located at Marina Bay.


The site was aimed at bringing Singaporean and international visitors together to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Marina Bay in a meaningful way and express their wishes for the new year ahead.

Strong call-to-action

We introduced effective call-to-action tools and interactive hotspots on the home page and other pages for faster navigation.

Fireworks at Marina Bay
Marina Bay Singaproe Countdown 2015 website

Wishing Spheres project

One of the new elements was the newly-designed virtual wish page, to complement the Wishing Spheres Project taking place at locations around Singapore.

The wish page is designed to look like a map of Singapore, to symbolise how the wishes are heartfelt thoughts from Singaporeans and visitors from all walks of life.

Marina Bay Singaproe Countdown 2015 mobile site


Clean and easy to navigate

Since the launch of our website, we have received positive feedback from our URA Management Team. They liked the look and feel of the website this year – clean and easy to navigate – and in particular, how the new elements such as the Sponsors’ page and the Wall of Wishes were well-designed and constructed. This would not have been possible without the strong support from the Adelphi Digital team.

Ang Ruyi, Executive Place Manager - URA

Awards & recognitions

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